Google Added New Privacy Features To Its Services

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Google Added New Privacy Features
Google has implemented many new privacy features in its services.

Google has recently made major and important changes to privacy in some of its major and major services so that users feel more secure about their privacy. These new privacy features have come in Google Maps, YouTube and Google Assistant.

Google has been testing incognito mode in Google Maps apps since last week, which is part of the Google Maps Preview program. Now, this giant has announced in its official blog post that this feature is for everyone.

After this feature is activated, your activity in incognito mode will not be recorded in Google Maps activity by Google. Android users will get this feature till this month while for iOS it will be rolled out later.

The Google company is also expanding the privacy feature on YouTube. Now you can set a time limit to automatically delete your YouTube history.

This includes search history in settings and videos you watch on the YouTube platform. You can choose the option of 3 months or 18 months to automatically delete your data. YouTube will save history until you set it.

The Google Assistant will update next week to allow users to check and set their privacy settings with voice commands.

For example, when you say "remove everything I said last" or "remove everything I said last week", the assistant will delete that item.

However, if you ask the assistant to remove something older than a week, then he will give you a confirmation whether you really want to delete it or not. What do you think of these new privacy features of Google, please tell us in the comment?

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