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How To Check Broken Links In Website Blog Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

How To Check Broken Links In Website Blog Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!
Check Broken Links In Website Blog
Broken links hurt SEO as well as the audience also have problems with them. For website search ranking, it is necessary to fix a broken links, bad links, error 404 pages not found issue, but the biggest problem is to find bad and dead links on the website blog. There are many tools and plugins available for this, but today I am telling you the way through which you can detect broken links in no time. So let's know how to check broken links on the website?

Fixing Broken links is the most important thing like other SEO factors. Migrating blog to another platform like Bloggers to WordPress, Joomla to WordPress, changing the URL structure, or editing a page and image causes a problem of error 404.

If you do not fix broken links, then the search rank of your site will be down, and you will get less organic traffic. That is why today I am telling you to check the broken link from website and blog, you can only detect bad links of your site from this process in some time.

How to find Broken Links on Website and Blog
As I mentioned above, you can use Online Broken Link Checker Tools to find broken links.

If you are a WordPress user, you can use the Broken Link Checker Plugin. After installing this plugin in your blog, wait 2-3 days. With this, you can visit the site's pages, posts, comments, etc. You can find broken links by checking all the pages.

But both these methods take more time and 100% of all broken links do not solve the problem, so you can find out the bad link in some time by following the method given below.

I am talking here about Xenu's Link Sleuth website which provides you the windows app (software) to check broken links. The best thing is that these apps are windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 7, etc. all windows supports.

This app will tell about error 404 page not found, server errors, 302 and 301 redirection, HTTP and HTTPS error and other all type broken links on your site.

Step 1:-
First of all, you go to Xenu's Link Sleuth site and download its windows app version and install it on your computer laptop. After installing the app, open it and follow these steps.
  1. Click on the File option in the top left.
  2. Click on Check URL ...
 Check Broken Links In Website
Step 2:-
Now a popup window will open in which you have to add a link to your site.
  1. Add the URL of your website. Add a full link to the site like, or only will not work.
  2. Click on OK.
 Check Broken Links In Website

Step 3:-
Now in a while, the Xenu app will check the Broken Links of your site and the report will be in front of you like this.

In this way, you can easily detect bad and dead links from your website and blog in 1 minute. Apart from checking this broken link, you can do a lot more work. like -
  • Crawl of my Site into Microsoft Excel.
  • Check Post Title & Description Length.
  • Analyze Site Information.
  • Check Indexing Version of Site.
  • Generate an XML Sitemap.
  • Find Images Missing Alt Tag.
  • Crawling Web Directory Errors.
For all this information, you should read Xenu's Link Sleuth - More Than Just A Bad Links Finder article. In this, you will get information about all these topics in detail.

This tool is the best for Windows users, apart from this you can also use Screaming Frog SEO Spider (Windows & Mac), W3C Link Checker and Linkchecker, but in this, you will have to pay a license fee. My first and second choice are Xeno and Screaming Frog.

Hopefully, you can easily solve the problem of Broken Links on your site with the information mentioned in this post. If you have any problem with this or you have any questions about it, then you can ask in the comment.

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