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3 Official SEO Factors Shared By Google Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why! 2020

Google SEO 200 Factors
3 Official SEO Factors Shared By Google
Google SEO 200 Factors
Google employs over 200 Ranking Factors. But very few people know about Top 10, Top 5 or Top 3 among them. We tell you about the Google Top Ranking Factors mentioned by bloggers SEO Experts. But today I will tell you about the top 3 SEO Factors mentioned by Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, Martin Splitt, not any expert. Let's know, Google Shares Top 3 SEO Factors for 2020

Every blogger wants to know about the Top Ranking Factors Of Google so that they can follow them and rank their blog in search engines.

But from time to time, Google Algorithms Update keeps coming up and Google's ranking factor changes. In such a situation, it is complicated to know which ranking factor is working at this time.

Now when a member of Google has told about the Top 3 SEO Factors of Google, it has become clear that following them will only benefit us.

Because this member of Google has shared, we can also call them Google Official SEO Factors. Now let me tell you about those Top SEO Factors.

Top 3 SEO Factors 2020 Shared By Google
You can be sure to follow these Google's ranking rankers. It will work 100% and you will benefit, your blog will rank.

Google SEO Factors
1. SEO Factor - Content
If we talk about Google's first ranking factor, then it is blog content. To get top rank in Google, your blog must have excellent content.

You should write content that provides help for users. In which the questions of the visitors have been answered correctly.

In simple language, the user should have that content on your blog. Alternatively, the content that the users need will get top rank.

Marking states that authors use phrases that search for what they do when searching. This deteriorates the content balance.

You should not just write the container keeping in mind the search keywords, but make your content easy to read and easy to understand for the users.

2. SEO Factor - Meta Data
Metadata is Google's second-largest SEO Factor to ensure that what is in your article describes your content.

This is the show with the title in the search engine. This gives the reader an idea of what might be the result and what might help him.

A meta description is a ranking factor. Because it can attract the user despite your bad title in the search engine. Currently, it is Google's ranking factor even before linking.

You should not only focus on writing good containers but also include better meta descriptions for it. This will get more clicks on your post link in the search engine.

Many bloggers ignore this thing and publish their posts just by writing quality content. Hopefully, after reading this post, he will not do so.

3. SEO Factor - Performance
Yes, Martin Split of Google has stated that Website Performance is included in Google's top 3 ranking factors. Performance has also been a Top Ranking Factor for a long time.

Some people say that if speed is important, then there are many top sites whose performance is not so fast but still at the top.

So let me tell you that yes performance is a ranking factor but that does not mean that it overrides everything.

Google has more than 200 ranking factors. If a site is at the top even with poor performance, it means that it is following the rest of Google's ranking factor.

We have too many ranking factors to follow. So we do not need to follow everything. If we follow some of the top-ranking factors, we can still get the top rank in Google.

According to me, there will not be any website or blog that follows all the ranking factors of Google which does not violate any of Google's guidelines.

Despite this, people's blogs are at the top of Google. Therefore, understand this very well that you do not need to follow all ranking factors.

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