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How To Increase Blog Traffic From Pinterest 5 Tips Increase Unlimited Traffic Your Blog

Increase Blog Traffic From Pinterest
How To Increase Blog Traffic From Pinterest
Everyone would know about Pinterest but you would not know that by using Pinterest you can increase the traffic of your blog by 50% because Pinterest has become a very popular site and still its popularity is constantly increasing in this post. Telling about how to increase traffic using Pinterest

Social sites have an important role to bring traffic to any blog website. To get traffic from social sites, we need to know about that social sites first, only then we can get good traffic from that site, let's know about Pinterest

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is an image sharing website just like Instagram, here too you can publish your created image Pinterest site searched by three people.
  1. Ben Silbermann
  2. Paul Sciarra
  3. Evan Sharp
Launched on Pinterest social media site March 2010 Pinterest supports 27 languages, you can see
Pinterest Support 27 language
  1. Arabic
  2. Amharic
  3. Bemba
  4. Czech
  5. Danish
  6. Dutch
  7. English
  8. Finnish
  9. French,
  10. German
  11. Greek
  12. Hungarian,
  13. Icelandic,
  14. Indonesian,
  15. Italian,
  16. Japanese,
  17. Korean,
  18. Norwegian
  19. Bokmål,
  20. Polish,
  21. Portuguese,
  22. Russian,
  23. Slovak,
  24. Spanish,
  25. Swahili,
  26. Swedish,
  27. Turkish
In October 2018, the monthly number of Pinterest users was 250 million. You can guess from this how popular social media site Pinterest is. Alexa Rank of Pinterest sites - 65 as of April 2019

It has come to know that what is Pinterest, now let us know how to increase traffic by using Pinterest, here I am just telling you 5 tips, after adopting, your blog traffic will increase by 50% I hope you will like our post.

How to increase blog traffic by using Pinterest
1. Image:- You already know that Pinterest is an image collection site where you can increase the traffic of your blog by sharing the image you have created.

Because here only the image is such things that we have to increase the traffic of the blog, in such a situation, we have to give our focus to the image and make such an image pin that will force the user to pin your image.

You should upload image 300p × 450p dimension image for Pinterest, you can upload a larger image if you want but the ratio of image should be 2:3, this image dimension forces the user to click on the image pin

2. PIN Name, Description:- Rename the image you create, and enter the relative name from the type of image you created.

After uploading the pin on the board, it is important that for this to appear in the Pinterest board pin search engine, we have to use the pin name and keywords in the description.

like:- If we are uploading related photos from quotes then keywords will quote on 
  • quote about life
  • quote about smile
Using keywords in quotes about friendship images will show up quickly in image search results and also use keywords in the description.

3. Add Post Url :- If you are a blogger and want to get traffic on the blog through Pinterest, then add the URL of your blog post along with the pin, this will be that the pin that you have created is liked by the visitor, then related to that pin and more information Would like to know but if there is a blog URL with pin, then it will come to your blog by clicking on the pin

4. Regular Update:- The more the Pinterest account will update on the pinboard, the more popular it will be when it becomes popular, then they click on your pin will be more (because in today's time people see the brand, what is the brand's merchandise, not that) once you have increased in popularity then Nothing can stop you

According to me, it would be good to update daily on 3-4 pinboard because you are new if you do not have time to use social sites, then use the Buffer app, it will not take time and you will be done.

One more thing we have to take care of and that is image upload time according to me 9: am and 3: pm Correct time is pin to update but you do research on your own that when more users are active on Pinterest then it will be better.

5. Make Followers:- The rule on social media is that you will follow someone only then they will follow you, so you also start following people on Pinterest

Other pins that seem interested Use can share on your board as well as you can like and comment, as well as if you like a pin, you can also visit the site and comment on it, this will also provide a backlink to the blog and referral Traffic means three targets with one stone

Pinterest has become the most popular sites of today's time and still, its popularity is increasing if you are a blogger, then use Pinterest for 1 week, if you do not get any benefit from it, then you can quit using it. I am just suggesting you and have written a post about it

Friends, this was our post today, how to increase traffic from Pinterest, how did we feel and if you like, then share this post on social sites.

How To Increase Blog Traffic From Pinterest 5 - Killer Tips Increase Unlimited Traffic Your Blog I have told you through this post and hope that you would have liked the post, I also hope that you will read all our posts too, so if you like all our posts then you comment us So that we can do more Improvement in our Writing Skill.


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