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What Is An Ebook And Why Is It Better Than Traditional Books? Secrets

What Is An Ebook
What Is An Ebook
Everyone reads the book, but do you know What Is An Ebook? The world is changing very fast due to technology, so today I want to talk about some old things, there was a time when people wrote and read on walls, addresses, and our Puranas Gita, Ramayana, Quran These were written on the addresses of the pools. After that, the paper was invented, even here people felt happy to roam around the pages of these papers, then you must have known that human beings need rest, something new was made to overcome this problem, due to which you You can easily take books in your mobile or computer, neither do you want a bag or anything else, today I will discuss about these books which are called eBooks.

In this technology world, the demand for eBooks is increasing very fast. So enjoy reading my article very comfortably, by the end of this article you will know a lot about What Is An Ebook, so let's learn.

What is eBook
The full name of the eBook is Electronic Book, it is the digital form of a book, even if you can speak an electronic book in your language if explained directly, the book you read in your mobile or computer is called eBook. There will be another question in your mind that if we can hold it in hand, the answer is no. We can read it through software on our computer and mobile. Some people do not understand the difference between PDF and eBook but the truth is that there is no difference between the two, just PDF is a format of eBook, these ebooks have some format like text, PDF, image file. Just as books are authored, so are their authors, you can take the entire library of books in your mobile.

You will find many AC companies where you will find all the eBooks in you online. Some eBooks you have to buy by paying and some are available for free. These are book soft copy. Amazon is selling the most electronic book in today's technology. With the help of some software, you can create an eBook on your computer.

How To Sell eBook
If you are making an Electronic Book, then you must be trying to make money by selling it, but I will tell you how you will sell and earn money.
  1. Everyone is public about eBay, but you can sell your books on this site, you can earn money easily by going to Turbo Lister Program by selling electronic books.
  2. And there is a way, this is the most special way in which you can sell your book, that way is from Amazon Affiliate marketing, you will get a direct link from amazon kindle, you can sell your book there, whenever your book will sell to you. You will get some money from amazon.
  3. This method is the most different in which you will get all the money, if you have your own website and blog, then here you can sell your book yourself, and you can take full revenue.
  4. You can also sell your book on the Android Play Store, Google will also give you some of it.
  5. You can make some income by saving your e-book even on the apple store that is apple.
This was some information where some information about where you will sell the eBook but now I will tell you where you can download the eBook for free.

Free eBook Download Site (Where to download eBook in Free)
Here I will tell you the names of some sites from where you can download electronic books for free, so let's know.
  • Gutenberg Project Gutenberg - Here you will get more than 15,000 free books, you can read them online as well as offline.
  • Books Google - Here you will get thousands of books sleeping in free, by giving some free money from Google and giving some money.
  • Free Tech BooksHere you will find electronic books of computer like computer, programming, mathematics, AI for free.
  • Oreilly O Reilly Open Books - This is a publisher that simply gives computer books.
  • Coderholic - You can also download a computer book from this link.
  • Bookboon - From this link, you will find business, school books, and travel books.
  • en.wikibooksHere you will find a lot of books and you can edit the book along with it and if something is wrong then you can change it.
  • Freebooks4doctors - Here you will find books for Medical in Free 
  • Universityforfree – In this site, you will find pdf of all university books.
  • Siyavula In it, you will get all the science books from High School.
What are the benefits of eBooks
By the way, we do not have to carry eBooks in the bag, then what is the problem, then this is an advantage, we will talk about some more features.
  • This is portable, you can take the Electronic Book from anywhere to your mobile.
  • You do not need to buy them from any shop, you will find them on the internet, just you have to download them.
  • You can share these eBooks with your friends.
  • If your eyes are weak then you do not need to read them in the light, just you have to increase the brightness
  • If you want, you can also view the page by zooming, it will not weaken your eyes.
  • These eBooks do not take up much space like books take, just it takes up memory in a few KB or MB
  • You can go to Direct on any page, you do not need to lower it again and again.
  • Jitan will be used more Electronic Books, it will be less illuminating because in this you do not need to cut any tree or plant to make paper.
  • You can take as many books in a library on your mobile.
  • You can find any word very easily, you do not need to change the page.
  • You can buy eBooks at night or at any time of the day, there is no regular time for this from the internet.
  • Animation, videos within eBooks can pulp anything that the reader can easily understand.
  • EBooks are more expensive than common books.
Here was some information about eBooks and some of its benefits

My Final Decision
So, friends, I hope that you have liked this article today, today you know What Is An Ebook And Why Is It Better Than Traditional Books? Secrets and my final decision is that I always use eBooks. You must have known the benefits of this well, and the most important thing is that the more you use eBooks, the less pollution, there will be no need to cut trees. If you still have any questions you want to ask, then please write in the comment box below and subscribe to our blog.

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